Monday, May 26th, 2009 by Kevin Devine

TSI is pleased to announce that they have added trade detail data to Firmview, their online multi-broker platform.

This allows brokers to offer their clients a complete view of their activities with a participating broker. In addition to trade detail view, clients can view current and archived statements online as well as their current balance. This added functionality is in addition to the clients' ability to manage their CCA business at each participating broker, enter payment instructions to their chosen research vendors and brokers as well as review and approve soft dollar invoices.

TSI Senior Vice President Kevin Devine stated: "This software is not vaporware. Instead it's in current production use with multiple brokers while housed in a fully redundant SAS 70 compliant server farm. We facilitate our broker clients to have more value-added contact with their manager clients and do not insert ourselves into this critical broker-manager relationship in areas such as deal pricing and service management. Doing so works to destroy a broker's brand in the marketplace. Instead we work to improve communications in this vital broker-manager relationship. This way brokers don't lose touch with their clients and preserve their individual brands. Even for the brokers who have outsourced their entire commission management software to us continue to maintain their client relationships. For managers using Firmview, the benefits of a single location for working with multiple brokers across all their commission management activities where all information can be queried and downloaded to Excel is obvious."

For more information or a demo of TSI's product suite that addresses commission management, please contact Kevin Devine at 908-287-2091, .