Monday, July 6th, 2009 by Kevin Devine

TSI announces the successful redeployment of the Firmview based on a completely new software architecture. TSI remains committed to using the latest technology to streamline our user experience.

A complete re-write of the client-facing Firmview portal has resulted numerous technological and ease of use improvements to the end user experience. Gridviews are now sortable, groupable, and exportable to Microsoft Excel, Word, and Adobe PDF for use outside of the application. A new image interface gives users a popup view of invoice, commitment, and statement images with pertinent electronically transmitted details alongside. The all new Dashboard gives users a view of all of their Firmview activity from the moment they log in, including, but not limited to:
  • - Invoice Workflow
  • - Credit Balances
  • - Activity Alerts

In moving to the Microsoft ASP.Net Platform, Firmview has leveraged the latest AJAX client-side technology alongside the rich server-side power, security, and scalability of Microsoft IIS. For more information or a demo of TSI's product suite that addresses commission management, please contact Kevin Devine at 908-287-2091, .