Monday, July 6th, 2009 by Kevin Devine

In light of recent industry developments, TSI is proud to continue serving the hundreds of institutional money managers and brokers using the Firmview system.

As a non-broker, impartial, third-party, TSI's FirmView preserves for every broker the branding and client contact that constitutes the broker's value-added differentiation. Money Manager logins are free, and provide the ability to:
  • - review and approve their 28(e) invoices
  • - create CSA/CCA payment instructions
  • - review their balances at each broker
  • - view, report and download trade details FirmView will interface with any internal broker system via a secure, data interchange specification.

With a large number of money managers already using FirmView, new brokers to FirmView will find many of their clients already prepared to use the system. For brokers also needing a robust and flexible internal system, TSI offers their CAS commission allocation system. FirmView deployment time is solely dependent upon the setup of the data interchange at each broker - typically a 30 day timeframe. This data interchange capability is part of the core functionality of CAS, and in one case, allowed for deployment within a week.

Firmview is a system that has been in production use since 2003 and has been updated frequently to make use of the latest web technology. It is a refined product of years of feedback and suggestions from the buy-side and sell-side users. It is constantly evolving and expanding in functionality in response to industry feedback and suggestions. TSI looks forward to continued adaptation to meet industry needs.

For more information or a demo of TSI's product suite for commission management, please contact Kevin Devine at 908-287-2091,